Oyster Bay Project

A Multi-Arts & Dance Project. Photos Gary Bevan.

Working with over 1000 people of all ages and abilities across the 2 counties, in schools, community centres and care homes and with asylum seekers and people with homelessness and mental health issues. Based on the story of the oyster industry in Swansea Bay, the 5 month project culminated in a large scale performance at Swansea Grand Theatre and included field trips and a touring exhibition of the scenography and art and craft worked produced during the project.

Starts Tuesday 21st  January 2015 1.30-3.30 at Mozart Drive

A Diverse Capacity Project including a performance at the

The sequel to Troy Boyz 2012 – urban dance and

Following the success of The Olion Project and Troy Boyz

Supported by BBC Performing Arts Fund: a diverse group of 8

A project to introduce adults and young people with learning

built by NOTA