Following SMU’s successful funding bid to Welsh Assembly Government European funded initiative ‘Reach The Heights’, TAN was invited to be a partner on The Olion Project during 2012.

TAN delivered 3 projects to engage NEETS: the activities aim to bring about self belief and personal development. The projects began planning in January and culminated in a celebratory performance at Swansea Grand Theatre.


TROY BOYZ (a street dance version of the Trojan War)

LOVE SONGS (a performance project to introduce learning disabled young people and adults to opera)

DISCOVER (giving Young Carers the chance to try a range of art forms, to take time out for themselves, meet friends and discover hidden talents).

“I’m going to try everything, I don’t do dance but I’ll have a go”

 “I thought about home a little but I liked not having to argue and worry”

 “ I played drums, learned how to do relaxation techniques and made a new friend”

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